Car insurance prices have gone up by 52% in the last 10 years – here’s how to cut down your premiums

Car insurance prices have gone up by 52% in the last 10 years – here’s how to cut down your premiums



Car insurance prices are now £767 on average, with premiums up by over half in the last 10 years


CAR insurance costs have risen by a staggering 52 per cent over the past decade, with prices now £767 on average.


If prices continue to rise as they are, drivers will be on course to pay more than they did in 2011 – when premiums were at their highest in 10 years, at £858 a year.


Regional data shows that car insurance prices have gone up by £481 in London over the past decade, and by just £118 in Northern Ireland

Historical price index data by shows drivers got the most bang for their buck in 2008, when the average car insurance policy was just £499 – 53 per cent cheaper than the price today.


The cost of insurance varies according to a driver’s age, region and gender.


The comparison website said that 17-year-olds ranked as the most expensive age overall, paying £2,112 for their car insurance premiums.


On the other end of the scale, 66-year-olds have paid the least for car insurance over the past 10 years, with the average premium now sitting at £451 for this age group.


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The data also shows that male drivers aged between 66 and 70 living in Leeds and Sheffield have seen the cost of car insurance more than double.


They have seen a whopping 127 per cent increase – the highest of any other demographic – in premiums, equivalent to a £422 rise.


Yet when looking at actual cost increases, female drivers aged between 17 and 20 living in Inner London saw the biggest rise in their premiums, up £842 over the decade (an increase of 45 per cent).


There are staggering regional variations when it comes to car insurance costs, with drivers living in the West Midlands facing the biggest percentage hike of any region.


Car insurance costs have risen more than the cost of beer, new cars and clothing. Source:

Motorists in this region saw their prices jump by almost three quarters (74 per cent) over the past decade, equivalent to a hike of £398.


Unsurprisingly, Inner London was faced with the biggest financial increase of £481, with drivers in Bradford suffering the biggest pinch, with car insurance going up an eye-watering 96 per cent for drivers in this area.


Inner London has maintained its position as the most expensive region for car insurance over the 10-year period, with drivers paying an average of £1,237, while those living on the Scottish Borders have consistently paid the lowest in the UK, at around£531 on average.


17-year-old girls pay the most for car insurance, while 66-year-old men pay the least. Source:

Costs vary so much by region because in some areas there can be a greater number of claims made, and more expensive ones.


For instance, there may be more cars on the road within a particular region so this could mean the number of accidents are higher and therefore the number of claims.


Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: “Car insurance prices have gone up dramatically over the past 10 years adding to the rising cost of motoring and living.


“If car insurance prices continue to rise, drivers will be on course to pay more than they were in early 2011 when premiums were at their highest of the last decade.”


How to save money on your car insurance


Shop around for the best deals. Simply rolling your policy over with the same insurer – what’s known as ‘auto-renewal’ – means you’re almost certainly paying more than you need to

Add an extra driver to your policy. It is illegal to claim someone is the main driver when they’re not, but adding a secondary driver can save you some money and is within the law

Pay your premium in full. If you can afford to stump up the cash outright, you should pay for your car insurance in annually rather than monthly. Insurers usually whack on hefty interest charges if you pay monthly, so you can make significant savings by paying upfront.

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